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To DIY or Not to DIY: When to Trust the Professionals to Home Remodeling

Our Gerard team loves HGTV, home improvement shows, and scrolling through Pinterest just as much as anyone else does. Not only can it be a nice break to relax, but it provides inspiration and ideas for what we love to do in the homes we build. It can be difficult though, when you see the edited version of their remodels to decide how much to take on as the homeowner and when to leave the work to the professionals. Gerard Construction is here to help guide you and to take on the big tasks.

Things You Can Do

While you can hire our team from the ground up, we know there are people out there who love to get involved in a project. That sense of pride is one we feel in a build or renovation too, so we understand the thrill and pride of being able to say you helped with your remodel. There are some ways you could get involved if you felt the need. Some demolition is a great way to get started, with a few caveats. Ripping up carpet, tearing out cabinetry, and hauling off some of the drywall for interior walls can be helpful. That being said, you need to be careful of where electrical wiring and plumbing may be found in your home and you should make sure you are disposing of these items according to local requirements. Additionally, we know there are many people who love to paint and do so in their own home on a regular basis. Make sure to invest in quality tape and drop cloths and use the right materials to get the job done!

Things Professionals Should Do

Everything else should be left to the Gerard Construction team of licensed professionals to obtain the necessary permits. Electric, plumbing, and HVAC work is all very complicated and needs to be done right. If any of step is missed when installing or upgrading these systems, not only can costly damage occur, but you or your family could be injured. Seemingly easy projects like tile work are far more complicated than many realize for a number of reasons. Not only is specialized equipment needed which can cost more money than budgeted, but leveling out a floor or wall for tiling requires a professional hand. It is important to work with a team like ours from the planning stages, as you begin to decide and design what you want. Some remodels can use the eye of a designer or need the advice of an architect as space is planned or renovations are considered. Additionally, by working with a professional team, we can give a fair estimate of what your project will cost and how to stay within your budget or where upgrades may pay off in the long run. 

Working with Gerard Construction

Our team loves to build, whether building from scratch or renovating an existing space to make it more functional and more beautiful for the homeowners. By working with Gerard Construction, you will lean on the expertise of decades of experience and quality sub-contractors who are master craftsmen in their individual trade. We consider the families we work with to be our partners while we complete the project or build we have been trusted with, and that partnership will remain for years after as we stand by our work. Our designer, contractor, and management team are available to communicate with you and guide you through the process as we plan and finalize every detail. 

If you have scrolled through Pinterest enough and are ready to start your remodel, don’t begin by ripping out your sink and pulling up old tile, start by contacting our team. We can work with you to make a good plan and look forward to partnering with you. 





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