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3 Ways to Keep Your House Cool this Summer

21 May, 2024 | Home Maintenance | Return|

Like it or not, another summer is upon us. While you may be looking forward to pool fun with the kiddos or that long awaited trip to the beach, none of us can hide from the fact that we dread the increase in energy bills along with simply trying to stay cooler in the approaching months. There are ways you can adjust to keep your house cool this summer with your friends at Gerard Construction.


  1. Thermostat help. Your thermostat can be your friend during the summer in more ways than just turning it off or up. Multiple sites, including Better Homes & Gardens, suggest 78 degrees as the ideal temperature in the summer months when you leave your home. This allows the home to stay warmer without people present without your a/c having to run overtime to cool back down when you get home. With a programmable or smart thermostat, you can set the temperature to begin adjusting to a cooler temperature before you return home and adjust accordingly for sleep time as well. If you will be gone for an extended amount of time, like vacation, consider bumping your a/c to 82 degrees and have your house-sitter turn it down early in the day before your return.
  2. Reduce heat. There are a few ways this can be accomplished. First, turn off extra lights, appliances, and stoves if not needed, especially in the warmer hours of the day. All of these radiate extra heat and energy into your home. Second, while you are adjusting electric devices in your home, switch your fans to counterclockwise. The Home Depot explains, “[w]hen fan blades turn counterclockwise, they push cooler air down in a column. This creates a “wind chill” effect. To maximize this effect, run your fan at its highest speed.” Other steps you can take is to make sure you have blinds, curtains, and shades and pull them down or across during the warmest hours to keep sun and heat out.
  3. Check insulation. Insulation can come in many forms, both the actual materials they are made out of and the way your house is insulated. The first way you, as a homeowner can check your insulation is to check that fireplaces, doors, and windows are all properly sealed and not leaking expensive cold air into the summer heat. From there, you can check insulation in your attic and may be able to add in extra insulation if needed. Some homeowners who are looking for an upgrade, doing a remodel, or starting a build can consider energy efficient double pane windows and different types of insulation in their exterior walls to keep the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


If you need to increase your insulation in certain areas or maybe you are looking for help with some upgrades that will include smart technology, contact our team at Gerard Construction. We can find ways to increase efficiency in your existing remodel plans or if you are building a new home with us.





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