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Should You Build a Patio?

As the weather turns to gorgeously sunny and cool days, you may wonder if you should change your outdoor living space to include a patio. The investment can be a great way to extend the living area of your home as you consider family meals, spaces for play, or a perfect spot to enjoy your first cup of coffee. If your home doesn’t have a patio, you may be trying to decide if you want this extra space. Gerard Construction can help you narrow down your plans and think about what you truly want to build.

Family Fun

Having a patio can be a great way to help kids further enjoy time outdoors. The temptation is being locked into a screen for hours, no matter the age. By adding in the potential discomfort of mud and dirt, grass, and twigs, children are sometimes hard-pressed to find a reason they would spend time outside rather than inside. A patio provides a smooth surface for playing and could be covered to protect them further from the elements. Depending on the material you choose and the size of the patio, this can also be the perfect spot for various games and activities.


Some spots in our home are included for functionality, while others serve us. A patio can be an ideal place to enjoy rest and relaxation for many members of your home. You can be comfortable in many weather conditions year-round by adding features like lights, a ceiling fan, and an outdoor fireplace. Purchasing furniture with room for sitting or lounging will only add to the number of times you find yourself being outside.

Nature Nook

While connecting with nature is something we all need to do, we have to find ways that work best for us. Camping or extreme outdoor sports may not be for everyone. The same goes for gardening or large weekend lawn projects. Besides the ability to sit outside and enjoy being in your backyard, you can also have spots for nature built into your patio plan. Planter boxes for herbs, small vegetable gardens, or your favorite flower can be a great way to learn how to garden. You can also use some of these plants in your next meal outside. If you already love to work outdoors, the patio can be a perfect place to take a break while you evaluate your next steps or relish the day’s work.


Gerard Construction can help you evaluate your patio needs and execute a plan that makes sense for you. In addition to helping you decide on the size and materials used in building your patio, we can help design the perfect space, depending on your wants. Extra outlets or space for grilling will be up to the individual homeowner, and we have decades of experience in building. We can also show you several options and looks you may not have considered. Our build team will sit with you to talk about what you want and what you need and make it into something real.

To begin making design plans on your outdoor patio or other space, contact Gerard Construction today. This season is the perfect time to begin planning, and we can guide you through the process. We want every part of your home, including the outdoor spaces, to be your dream home and will build that into reality.





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