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Remodels vs. Renovation: Understanding the Key Differences

12 Jun, 2023 | Remodel, Renovation | Remodeling | Return|

Are you planning to update your home but unsure whether to go for a remodel or a renovation? While these terms are often used interchangeably, they actually refer to different types of home improvement projects. Here are three ways that a home remodel is different from a home renovation.

Scope of Work

A remodel typically involves changing the structure, layout, or function of a room or area, while a renovation focuses on restoring or improving the existing features and finishes. For example, a remodel may include adding a new room, removing a wall, or converting a garage into a living space, while a renovation may include refinishing hardwood floors, updating a bathroom, or replacing windows and doors.

Budget and Timeline

A remodel is usually a more extensive and expensive project than a renovation, as it requires more construction work, permits, and materials. Therefore, a remodel may take longer to complete and cost more than a renovation. However, a remodel can also add more value and functionality to your home than a renovation, especially if you plan to sell or rent it in the future.

Expertise Required

A remodel often requires more specialized skills and knowledge than a renovation, as it involves structural changes and code compliance. Therefore, you may need to hire a contractor who has experience in designing and building custom spaces. On the other hand, a renovation may be more DIY-friendly, as it may involve cosmetic updates that you can do yourself or with the help of a handyman.

Ultimately, the choice between a home remodel and a renovation depends on your goals, budget, and preferences. If you want to transform your home into a more spacious, modern, or functional living space, a remodel may be the way to go. If you want to refresh or update your home without major construction, a renovation may be a better fit. Contact Gerard Construction to discuss your options and get a free estimate for your project.





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