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Make Your Dream Home a Reality

Homes are important to us. Dreams, goals, and conversations are often focused on homeownership, building something new, or altering what we already have. When it comes time to turn the dream into reality, we can waver with the unknown and the process of pouring our hard-earned savings into the home. Fortunately, there are tips and tricks that will help you along the way, especially when building with Gerard Construction.

Focus on Finances

Building or renovating a home costs money, but the amount varies greatly. Building a custom home does not have to mean you will spend more than buying a pre-owned or fabricated home, but many see prices rise quickly as their wish list grows. We all know friends who have begun renovating one room, only to have work spill over into other rooms in their house. It is crucial to evaluate your needs, wants, and budget to understand what you can afford. Additionally, home projects may need a loan or insurance to specifically cover the construction. Research and good credit will assist you as information about finances are gathered. When you work with Gerard, you hire a team that understands the financial aspects of building due to a long career in banking.

Choose a company wisely

You will need, in most cases, a builder and, in some cases, an architect. You may gather information and seek recommendations from friends or family who recently built. Another option is to seek out a company that handles both aspects of the building process. Due to the commitment and personal nature to building a home or altering what you already have, you want to build a partnership with the chosen company and feel at ease communicating with them. According to Michele Lerner, real estate expert, “No matter which route you choose it’s important to check references, interview potential partners and visit examples of their work to see the quality before you finalize your choice.” Gerard Construction understands this commitment and we employ a number of people on staff who can assist on both the design and implementation phase of a build or renovation.

Pick your Location

Maybe you have already purchased land or you are intentional about which neighborhood you want to live in, but location matters. Thinking critically about not only your geographic needs but how your location may impact home value and resale in the future will help when making your decision. Once a location is chosen, make sure your locale or neighborhood is similar enough in price and design, unless your area doesn’t necessitate that need, like in a rural setting. At Gerard, we offer land acquisition services and assist in your location search to ensure you find the perfect spot.

Make a Plan

Planning takes time and involves numerous components. Matching your design and building plan to the location you’ve chosen is an important first step. Once that need is met, having a specific plan for everything from laying the foundation, setting up walls, building your roof, and each component inside will save time and money down the line. This applies for renovations as well, finishes, new furnishings, and flooring materials are merely a few aspects a plan may include. Decisions can be made and minds can be changed during the process as nothing is set in stone, but those results or additions could cost more and may delay your timeline. An average estimate for building is approximately four months, but each alteration or decision left unmade can delay that time by days, weeks, or even months. When we get to know our clients, we begin making a plan from the beginning and walk alongside them every step of the way, making sure that your plan is made and followed through.

Our team is looking forward to assisting you in turning your existing home into your dream or building that dream from the ground up. We have expertise in every aspect of the process. If you are ready to learn more, call us at (979) 823-4590 or email us today.





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