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Kitchen Remodel: Dos and Donts

Your kitchen is often a place of gathering and time with family and friends. Even for the least inclined chef amongst us, the kitchen still sees a fair amount of use for the distribution of food, preparation of snacks, and the sipping of beverages. For those with extra chopping and sauté skills, the kitchen is their hub, a place to show their abilities and try new recipes while entertaining. For all the great use a kitchen may get, it makes sense to remodel this space with Gerard Construction, but what are some guidelines you should follow? And what are some things you should avoid?

What to Consider

In any remodel or build, you want to have a budget. Our team at Gerard Construction has a background in finance so we know how important planning, and realistic planning at that, will be for your remodel. By sitting with us early on, we can make sure you don’t miss any item or contingency that you need to work into your budget.

While you are in the early stages of planning, think all the way through your remodel. Which appliances do you want to keep? Which ones do you want to update? What materials are most important for you and what materials are you comfortable looking for an economic choice for? What extra touches do you think you will need – like a double oven, extra sink in the island, or lighting under the upper and/or lower cabinets?

By taking the time to think through the entire remodel, you will have a great idea of what comes next. Also begin considering colors for countertops, your backsplash, accessories, and stain on cabinets early on. By going in with a cohesive design, with the help of our on-staff designer, you can be assured a great result.

What Not to Do

There have been a lot of rules in designing and planning kitchens in the past that don’t necessarily have as much utility any more. Many will argue you need to focus on a work triangle, a clear path between your sink, stove, and refrigerator area, but in a large kitchen it can be almost impossible to make this work. Adding in a large island or other preparation area may destroy this ability even further.

Instead, focus on setting up stations that work for you. We always recommend thinking through the way you cook or prepare food the best, then design a layout that makes sense with your needs in mind. While you are planning out your layout, think about storage of items and where you will want to put your most used items, the items you don’t want anyone to see, and the items you may only reach for a couple times a year. If you want open or glass faced cabinets, work with our designer to choose a few key cabinets to make a statement with your most beautiful items, then coordinate a standard cabinet face for everything else to hide behind.

Everything In Between

While it has been discussed a few times in the above Dos and Don’ts, we cannot emphasize enough that you need to consider your individual needs when remodeling your kitchen. This space should meet your needs from top to bottom, whether that means making sure your family fits in barstools at the bar or that you will only need a single oven because you simply don’t cook enough to warrant having two. While you may not want to over plan for your family if you plan on selling in a few years, you still want a kitchen you are happy and comfortable living in during that time. The most important thing, discussed by The Home Atlas, is to remember to have fun. “A well-executed kitchen remodel will add to the value of your house,” they contend. It will also add to your quality of life while the home is yours.

If you are ready to start planning your remodel with Gerard Construction, contact us today. We are ready to see your Pinterest boards and hear your needs as you take the steps to bring your kitchen from your dream into reality.





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