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Interior Design vs Interior Decorating

Having an Interior Designer on the Gerard Construction team was a great step in serving the families who build or renovate with us. However, many have asked what the difference is between interior design and interior decorating as they begin to work with Jennifer through this process.

Interior Design

First and foremost, to be an Interior Designer, there is an education and certification component that comes with the title. Through these courses and experience in the field, Interior Designers learn about a number of components of design, including the use of color, texture, and materials in a home, as well as space planning, the basics of architecture, and basic CAD techniques. This gives an Interior Designer a better sense of how to help a space function for a client they are working with, whether that means taking down walls in a renovation, adding a hallway closet where there wasn’t one before, or increasing the number of outlets in a living space. Function is important to what a Designer does, in addition to considering the way the space looks.

Interior Decorating

While there are courses and certifications someone could take to help them with becoming an Interior Decorator, the profession is not one that is closely regulated in that way. Their work usually takes place after the build or renovation is completed, or at least towards the end of the project. By assisting homeowners with the looks of their home or room, they may add wallpaper, help pick out rugs and décor, or assist in shopping for furniture from local stores. Gerard’s Designer, Jennifer, thinks of decorating as something “you can change at a moment’s notice with a trip to Hobby Lobby or with seasonal items for a short time.” While Interior Decorators often help with decisions that are much more permanent than your Christmas stockings or a summertime throw quilt, the look is vital to what they do.

How We Can Help

Jennifer, as an Interior Designer, has an eye for form and function as well as what makes our homeowners happy visually. She loves to incorporate what homeowners love into their homes and can help them stretch their minds as well as their budgets to consider what really would work and look the best in a build or renovation. More than anything, she is a guide through design for the homeowners as she isn’t working in her own home or space, she is simply in the beginning of the process for a home that will be theirs for years to come.

To make an appointment with our team, including our design team, contact us today. We can start planning on taking out walls for a renovation, looking at floor plans for a build, or take you to one of the Spec homes Jennifer and our team have been working on for just the right family.





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