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Interior Design Trends for 2021

A new year means new in many different ways. Maybe you are ready to build a new home or maybe you are ready to refresh the home you already own. In 2021, there are new and refreshing designs to keep in mind as you think about what your home needs with Gerard Construction.

Sustainability and transparency

The trend in all things, including design, is moving further and further down the path of sustainability each year. Our homeowners, your guests, and others you interact with want to know about the materials you chose in your home and where they may have been sourced from. Picking recycled materials, reclaimed woods, and renewable resources can be a great design choice and one that is good for the environment too. Choosing quality items that will last for generations rather than cheap, out of the box products is one aspect of this.

Closed Floor Plans

As we live in a new world with COVID considerations, the definition between spaces has become even more important. Finding locations to work remotely, for school work, and for decompression has been crucial for families across the nation. New floor plans are making room for nooks, office spaces, and portioning out larger rooms to meet the needs of homeowners and families.

Natural Materials

In building and in design, natural materials are remaining on the list of trends. Choosing leather furniture, woven materials, natural wood, and ceramics lean into this design trend. It’s important to remember that building and layering textures, in any trend, can bring depth and interest to the room or entire home you are designing. 

Colors All Over the Place

It seems that the trends of colors seem to be all over the place. Blues, especially calming tones and shades, are still trending, but so are warmer, earthy colors, like greens and deep yellows. It may be that homeowners are simply desiring warmth and a calming atmosphere in their homes and will take any colors that can provide that. By choosing a color palette, don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns and hues within those colors, rather than making everything monochromatic and cold.

Easy to Clean

We wonder why this design trend is so late to the game with easy to clean surfaces and materials being at the top of every mom and dad’s list. Better Homes and Gardens advises to choose “non-porous materials such as glass and metal which are less susceptible to bacteria growth and offer no-fuss cleaning.”

To talk with our on-staff interior design about these trends or others that may work for your new home or to start a build from scratch, contact us today. We can work with you, from start to finish, on building the home to meet your needs and match your dreams.





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