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How to Tastefully Decorate Your Home for Fall

While those of us in the Gulf Coast region and Southern states must still endure warmer temperatures for quite a while, there is a shift in the air that signals fall has arrived. Along with fall comes pumpkin-themed everything, cozy clothes, and an incredible urge by many of us to decorate. While there are many great ideas for decorating for fall, some may not carry as well throughout your home.

Gerard has the best tips for ways to decorate for fall that are warm, inviting, and tasteful:


One of the best ways to decorate for any season is by changing out some of the fabric materials throughout your home. Not only are they easy to change, but they are easy to store when the season is over. Throw blankets can add a splash of color in deeper tones of green, oranges, burgundies, and yellows, depending on what the foundation of your decor is. You can spread these throughout the home, from the living room to bedrooms and even an office space or entryway. Also, consider changing standard throw pillows on your couches or beds with a new pillowcase. These are extremely easy to find in every color and pattern imaginable and can be folded away when you need to switch over to winter decor.

Outdoor Spaces

Whenever you are decorating, don’t forget about your outdoor spaces too. Welcome guests, family, friends, and the harvest season with a wreath hung on your front door and pumpkins perched amongst mums on your patio. Since the fall is a great time to enjoy time in the backyard, carry over a few weatherproof decorations to your back patio as well, creating a warm environment for entertaining while watching football or enjoying the fire pit.

Horizontal Spaces

Tabletop decor is a great way to make a tasteful display without going overboard and decorating every inch of your home. Mix and match a few fall elements with standard items you already have. For example, grab a few tiered trays or pedestals and decorate them with candles in a seasonal scent, surrounded by a few gourds, leaves, branches, or even apples. Building layers and different heights will keep your space visually interesting, and incorporating different textures, like the smooth skin of a pumpkin with glass bowls and elements of hay or straw, creates depth in your design.

Make an Impact

Instead of going overboard with all the different elements you could choose for fall, go for simple designs, and then choose a few things to make an impact. Consider natural linens, fibers, and hues paired with a few bolder colors, like the deep red of certain types of corn or the deep mossy green of some fall plants. The rich colors of autumn make perfect choices for creating this contrast in your design. While you are focusing on your impact, don’t forget about a complete sensory experience. Think about lighting with candles for a warm glow, what fall scents you want to smell when you walk into a room, and the way items like blankets may feel to the touch.

Decorating your home for the fall can be a much-loved tradition at this time each year. Start with a few key elements and build on them as you go, the entire space doesn’t have to be decorated in one day or even in one season. Gerard Construction will leave the seasonal decor to you, but contact us if there are larger projects you need help on, from building a new home to renovating the one you have.





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