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How to Pick the Right Flooring

Flooring can be an often-overlooked component of building or renovating your home. Our Gerard Construction team knows you have probably thought about what your flooring should look like, but choosing the best flooring goes far beyond aesthetics. There are a number of components you should take into consideration when choosing the right flooring for your new custom home.

Area of Home

Each area of the home has different flooring needs to consider. In areas like your kitchen or bathroom, where moisture is not just a possibility but a guarantee, you need a solid surface that won’t be easily damaged by water droplets, wet feet, or a little overflow from the sink. High traffic areas or places where pets will spend a lot of time also warrant further thought as you don’t want a soft surface that may retain odors or a flooring that is easily damaged. Conversely, some people wouldn’t want anything but carpet in living and bedroom areas.

Your Budget

Every flooring type is going to have a different cost associated with it and there can even be large variances in types of flooring that are the same. Not every carpet is created equal and not every tile is the same per square foot. By speaking with your Gerard Construction team ahead of time, we can give you a range of options in a range of prices for you to consider. The good thing is, there are so many different types of flooring that we can usually find something that will meet your needs within a budget you are comfortable with.

Your Needs

In addition to considering the area of your home, you should consider what you will be doing in a specific area as it relates to your personal comfort level. If you are cooking a lot in your kitchen, you may want to consider a flooring that has a little give to cushion the time you will spend on your feet. If you have visions of spending a lot of time playing with your kids on the floor of your playroom, you may want a plush carpet that is easy to clean, so you won’t mind crawling around and reading their favorite books.


The way your flooring looks matters too. While you may be able to find a carpet in burnt orange for a great price, you shouldn’t consider installing it unless you love the way it looks. Similarly, just because something is a trend, like tile manufactured to look like wood flooring, it doesn’t mean you have to install it in your home. Your home should look like it was designed and created for you, so choose the flooring material that appeals to you.

To begin planning your home, from the ground up, call our Gerard Construction team. We can help walk you through every step of the home building or home renovation process. We want your home to look exactly like you want it, whether building from scratch or making your existing home look the way it should!





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