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How to Build Your Dream Home During a Recession

We know there are financial issues across the board that have people worried about what their future may hold. There are also a number of questions about how someone could build their dream home during what could be described as “lean times.” Gerard Construction knows that finances are a huge obstacle to overcome in buying a home, much less building your dream home. Our team is prepared to help you build the home you will love on the budget you can afford.

1. Flexible Timetables. We know you don’t want to wait years for your new home to be built. In fact, it is rare someone can afford that with having to pay rent or mortgage elsewhere while paying to build. That said, the more pressure felt on procuring supplies, the more expensive it will be. Our construction team is very experienced and networked, and we will do our best to give you a realistic estimate on how long something will take. What’s more, when there is a delay, we will communicate with you so you can tell us what part of a project is a priority.

2. Understanding Costs Upfront. Before we became skilled in building homes, our leadership worked in the financial industry. We understand the financial part of lending and building inside and out. This understanding allows us to effectively communicate with you about different costs and unexpected spending that may come along the way. By giving you our best estimate on cost, you can set a realistic budget and a buffer for your build.

3. Customization Can Be Cheaper. Many don’t realize that when you custom-build some elements of your home, it can be the same cost or even cheaper than building a spec home or buying something on the market. Customization gives you what you want and can help you achieve your budget by understanding your priorities. A great example is cabinetry; if the wood we use is vital to your enjoyment of your kitchen, but you don’t care what hardware we use, we can spend more on the materials you are actually invested in. One MoneyTalks article cites an example of saving tens of thousands of dollars on cabinetry by custom building. Doing this can, and should, be applied all over your home.

4. Big Investment. Overall, you may think about whether building your dream home is the best decision in the long term. Most of our clients find they are much happier investing in a home they can stay in for decades. Your other options, if you are looking to move, are to settle with the intention of custom building later or buying something you think you may want to renovate. Both can be a costlier investment in the long run rather than using our team’s expertise to build your dream home today. If you decide you want to go the renovation route, our team can help with that too.

To explore the possibilities of building a home with our team, with an eye on our financial expertise and knowledge of the entire building process, contact us today. We love finding solutions to help people build their dream homes and working with them to take their dreams and create something new.





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