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How Big Should Your Custom Home Be?

Gerard Construction is proud to work with homeowners across the Brazos Valley to see their dreams built into a reality, seen in our remodeling work throughout the area and in our custom home building. When we help build a home, we discuss every detail we can to ensure it is built right. One consideration to make fairly early in the process is how big your custom home should be. The answer is different for everyone.

Financial Considerations

We wish it were different, but your budget may limit the size of your home. We can work with you to set realistic expectations and build your dream space on your budget, but there are vast differences in the space we can build per dollar. Additionally, your dollar per square foot may vary widely depending on the level of fixtures, bonuses, and design you need in your space. We recommend thinking through the bells and whistles you know you need or want and how much square footage you need to make your dream space happen.

Future Plans

Your future plans are important considerations when deciding how big your custom home should be. If you are newlywed and planning to start a family soon, you should consider the number of rooms you need for your growing family, remembering to include plenty of room for space; diapers and toys take up more than you think. If you are nearing the empty nest stage of life, you may wonder about needing extra rooms all the time versus how you can accommodate guests for holidays and special occasions together. Certain families may know they want space for elderly family members or live-in assistance. By thinking through these plans, you can avoid needing to rebuild your dream in a few years.

Location and Layout

For some potential homeowners, the lot they want to build on is already in mind. For others, location is critical to their dream home, and they may be willing to sacrifice a little space to have other amenities. The size of the lot can determine the size of your home to a degree. We can build a smaller home on a larger lot, but for obvious reasons, we won’t be able to build past a certain point on your property. There may also be other limitations, such as gas and water lines, easements, other buildings you may want to put on your land, and the overall topography.

Interior Measurements

Think through the space you need to be allocated to certain rooms inside your home as well. Maybe you need a designated office space, which takes a spot high on the square footage priority list. Or maybe your master bathroom can double as a guest bathroom to donate space elsewhere. Your custom home is custom to your needs. What’s more, if you have specific furniture you want to move into your dream home with you, it needs to fit in your space. A large four-poster king-sized bed your grandfather made won’t fit in some standard bedroom spaces. Consider these needs.

To begin planning with Gerard Custom Homes, contact us today. Our team will walk you through every question you may have and pose questions for you to consider that you never knew you might need to answer. Our business is to make your dream home a reality.





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