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Get Your Backyard Ready for Entertaining

Spring in Texas has a number of reasons for spending time outside. The evenings feel a little longer with the time change, the temperature tends to linger in a comfortable range, and friends and family are ready to come over for crawfish, grilling, or a full barbecue. To make the most of this outdoor time, your patio, porch, and lawn may need a little bit of an overhaul, and Gerard Construction can help provide the touch-ups you need.


Landscaping and tending to it properly can be one of the areas that set a tone for you and your guests. Landscaping can also be an overlooked area when it comes to tidying up. A well-groomed lawn is a great starting point, but other needed aspects of landscaping involve trimming trees, bushes, and hedges to an appropriate height. By removing dead or dying plants and replacing them with new plants, you can freshen your space as well. We recommend speaking with a local resource to find plants well suited for our unique environment and climate

Outdoor Tiling

Whether replacing and updating or adding an entirely new patio set up, tile can be a durable and stylish choice for an outside area. According to thespruce.com, “laying tile can be a good way to dress up an existing concrete slab or brick patio when it grows old.” Homeowners should think through a number of considerations with outside tiles, depending on their use and lifestyle. Families with small children may seek something smooth, like manufactured decking tile, to make play easier while those looking for certain aesthetics may choose a slate or something more textured. 

Décor Tips for Furniture

For entertaining purposes, especially for events, you want people to linger at, furniture and seating are vital components. Consider whether most of your entertaining will be dining-oriented or focused on visiting. This could impact what type of furniture you choose. Adding in furniture is a quick way to spruce up your outdoor living space, but even if you don’t want to invest in an entirely new set, you can add a few additional pillows or a comfortable chair to lend a pop of color. Several manufacturers are making progress on outdoor fabrics that withstand the rain and subsequent mildew growth common in our area. Other considerations are adding an outdoor rug or lighting to brighten an area. 

Outdoor Firepit or Fireplace

Although you may question putting in an outdoor fireplace or fire pit in the heat of August, for many other months of the year a modified hearth can be a wonderful place to gather for ambiance and warmth when needed. There are a number of options that can be explored when designing an outdoor space around a feature like a fire pit or fireplace. Most plans involve brick or stone surrounds, but there are numerous choices of colors in both of those elements to allow for coordination between other components of your patio. Entertaining with families can still involve a firepit or fireplace, just have a few basic rules in place to keep everyone safe. Different homeowners may want to explore the differences between running natural gas to their space versus using firewood. Each has a different ambiance and benefits. 

Covered Space

Throughout Texas, having a covered space to take refuge from the sun is a great consideration. When adding a covered space, like a full roof or pergola, consider whether you may want to hardwire lighting or a fan for extra circulation. When making a decision about a covered space, we can look at existing rooflines and gutters to make sure your project looks like it belongs with your home, instead of simply being added on. Additionally, if you get a fair amount of use out of this covered space before building a new home with Gerard, the ROI, according to extraspace.com, tends to be around 50%. Considering many homeowners will see advantages to using this space for themselves, that is a fair amount of return. 

With the exception of the furniture itself, although we could create amazing built-ins if desired, Gerard Construction is here to help with your patio, porch, and backyard updates. For more ideas, see our online gallery. If you have ideas ready to go, contact us today. 





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