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While our name is in construction, we do offer a considerable amount of work in the field of landscaping. This is an important component of ensuring a home feels and looks complete, not only for curb appeal but for your enjoyment to begin every time you take the first glimpse of your home when returning. 


When is the best time to switch my landscaping?

While our climate is generally moderate, we still recommend late winter or summer for landscape planning to begin. We want to give the plants you are investing in the best opportunity to take root and be established before the more dramatic shifts in the weather, which would mean planting in spring or fall. 


What factors should I consider when planning landscaping?

There are a number of questions you should consider and discuss before meeting with us. Obviously, the size of your property will be a factor. However, remember that larger pieces of land do not have to be entirely made over. You can trim and designate certain areas with our help. Considering entertaining areas ahead of time and what you would want that to look like is helpful, especially if you want to put them in a pool. Deciding on the addition of patio features in the front and the back will impact your landscaping greatly. You may want to look at similarly built homes in order to decide what types of plants or lawns are aesthetically pleasing for you. Also, think about the amount of time you want to put into maintaining your space, some landscaping is higher maintenance than others!


How much should I budget?

This question can only be answered by you. Just like with budgeting for your home, it is very dependent on what you want and what you are willing to pay for. We can work on a fair amount of budgetary needs, but the more you add on, the higher your number will go, obviously. If you have a tighter budget than your dream landscaping prefers, this is a great place to prioritize needs and wants. You can begin with a certain base landscaping then add on every six months or so until your dream space is achieved.


Are there ways to reduce costs with a great outcome?

This is one of the reasons we recommend working with our team. Often, a DIY approach will fail to consider other materials, plants, or methods that achieve the same look or purpose. We have the experience that can help draw from a vast array of landscaping projects to help you achieve your goal.


What should I consider in terms of natural disasters?

Homeowners may want to consider the proximity of trees with overhanging branches, in order to avoid potential roof damage. Some trees may be illuminated or reconsidered if they could fall on a home during a storm. Additionally, while flooding is more frequent with our neighbors closer to the coast, you will want to evaluate the drainage of your home and make sure you aren’t contributing to rising or pooling water around your home. While not a natural disaster, ensuring dirt isn’t brushed up against your foundation or siding can help reduce bug infestations to some degree.


To learn more about the construction projects we work on, both inside and outside your home contact us today. We want to partner with you to make your home dreams, small and large, a reality and have the experience and passion to do so. Our team at Gerard Construction is excited to work with you.

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