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Deciding on House Style

There are multiple exciting choices to make in regards to building a home or doing a large scale renovation on an existing home. In fact, many of the families who build claim they never knew how many choices they would have to make. Our team is equipped and prepared to help our clients look at every detail in the building process. In some renovations and in every new build, one of the first decisions cannot really be labeled as a detail because it is much more than that. Deciding on the overall architectural style of your home factors in many components and will influence much of the design choice from that point on.

Architectural Styles to Choose From 

Cape Cod- Usually a smaller scaled home, this design features wood siding, dormer windows, and is traditionally one story. 

Country Style French- Stucco and timber are combined for the distinct exterior of these homes. Narrow windows, steep roofs, and, typically, extensive gardening and exterior work are popular for this design.

Colonial- These two or three-story homes are one of the most popular styles in the United States. Brick or wood is used on the exterior and symmetry is often found from the curb looking to the home. Interior design features fireplaces and bedrooms being located on the second floor.

Victorian- Front-facing gables, unique and patterned shingles, bay windows, and an excess of details are common to this narrow, but tall design. According to Better Homes and Gardens, “[t]raditional and contemporary can be combined nicely in these houses.”

Craftsman- Also commonly referred to as a Bungalow style, the Craftsman home features low roofs, dramatically poised roofs, beams and braces, and a large amount of woodwork within the home itself.

Ranch Style- Typically a lower-to-the-ground home, but some feature multi-level design, this wood exterior home with a flatter roof is rising in popularity. According to Today, it is the most popular design of the year with Internet searches rising between 60 and 160% for various topics on Ranch style homes over the past year. 

Contemporary- This style of the home actually means a design created in the middle of the 20th Century. This inventive design commonly uses large, wall-sized windows, exaggerated geometry, and flat roofs. 

Factors to Consider

Size of Lot- If you have already acquired a lot you want to build on, the size of the lot versus the scale of the home may make a difference in the architectural style you choose. For example, on a smaller, narrow piece of land, homeowners may not want a larger, imposing, plantation-style home. A more compact architectural style would better suit the space provided. 

Geography- The ground, topography, vegetation, and other natural elements in the land surrounding your home may factor into the architectural decisions you make. The types of plants commonly grown in the area you choose to build in may add to the aesthetic or distract from the style you are looking to achieve. In a rocky area with low bushes, a Colonial home may look out of place, homeowners may choose a Prairie Style or some other home instead.

Outside and Inside- Some architectural designs, like Craftsman-style homes, carry certain design features into the interior of the home as well. While a custom build means exactly that, asking our designers for tips on what that may look like can help narrow down the choices you make for your next home.

Gerard has a team built to help you through every aspect of this decision-making process. From assistance with land acquisition to design experts to the team who will place every last detail into your home, we are here to help you. Look through our gallery of projects or contact us today to start on your plan. 





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