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A Guide to Crafting the Perfect Guest Space in Your Home

We understand that many of you are already adjusting schedules and plans to accommodate out-of-town guests during the upcoming holidays. Some of you may have visitors staying with you regularly or even be house guests yourselves while building your new home with Gerard Construction. If you're looking to redesign or plan a guest space, we're here to assist you in creating a welcoming environment for your guests.

Design With Intention

Creating the perfect guest space begins with a well-thought-out plan. During renovations or construction, consider the needs of both your family and potential overnight guests. Differentiate between occasional and regular needs, as the floor plan may vary. Families hosting visitors regularly or for extended periods will benefit from a dedicated sleeping space and a bathroom specifically for guests. If you only occasionally host overnight guests, a multi-purpose space like an office with a pullout couch may be more suitable. Don't forget to provide appropriate lighting and ceiling fans for the guest space.

Know Your Guests

Designing a guest space goes beyond mere awareness of their presence. Consider the specific needs of your guests. For families with young children, flexible sleeping arrangements and storage solutions for their belongings may be necessary. Older guests might require a ground-floor room to accommodate mobility issues. At the same time, someone on a business trip may appreciate a charging station and a place to hang their professional attire.

Create a Casual and Calming Environment

While your home reflects your personal style, it's important to ensure your guests feel at ease. A designated guest space should be clutter-free and have a relaxed atmosphere. Consider opting for a more subdued version of your own personal style. Keep the room tidy, utilizing any storage possibilities it offers.

Provide Essential Amenities

A perfect guest space should include all the necessary linens, pillows, and extra touches that your loved ones may require without having to ask you. While you don't need to fulfill their every wish, providing sample-sized toiletries, extra toilet paper in the bathroom, or even a water bottle and packaged snack on the nightstand can make a significant difference in making your guests feel welcome.

Consider Digital Needs 

In today's digital world, providing easy access to technology is essential to creating a comfortable space. Ensure there are accessible outlets for charging devices, clearly labeled remotes for the TV, and display the wifi password for your guests' convenience.

Think About Daily Routines

Just like when designing the rest of your home, consider your guests' daily routines. When selecting furniture for the guest space, think about what a hotel room would offer. Besides a comfortable bed, having a nightstand with lamps is useful for everyone. Adding a chair or bench for putting on or removing shoes can be appreciated by many. Access to a closet or small dresser, especially for longer stays, is also beneficial.

For assistance in redesigning your space or planning with more intent for your new build, contact Gerard Construction. Our design team can help you create the perfect guest space that will welcome every visitor who walks through your door, regardless of the duration of their stay.





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