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Common Frustrations When Building a Home

Building a home can be an exciting part of your life, but could also potentially be filled with frustrations and stress. For our team at Gerard Construction, building homes is what we do, so the issues that arise throughout every build are commonplace for us. We know this is an important time of your life, and we pride ourselves on working alongside our homeowners and communicating with them to reduce these frustrations as much as possible.

Weather Delays

The weather is a huge factor we have no control over that can add frustration to your construction timeline. Weather problems can delay your build indefinitely, and there isn’t a way to overcome this frustration other than to understand that weather delays are always possible. We ensure fast and consistent communication with you during these delays to explain what can continue and what can’t through these circumstances.

Budget Issues

When you decide to build a home, you probably have a number in mind. Inevitably, that number will change. Budgeting can be a challenge, but at Gerard Construction, we are uniquely poised to help with this, due to our background in finance. We know budgets inside and out and can help set a realistic range for the home build. A range allows for some wiggle room as we adjust to changes that may pop up.

Too Many Decisions

There are hundreds of decisions to make when doing a renovation and even more when building a home from the ground up. Trim, color, material, style, size, and layout are all decisions that need to be made and need to be known for each space in your home. We help with this by walking you through the process from the start, helping you decide as much upfront as possible, and helping you think of all the little details that we have learned to make decisions on early on. Our team also includes an interior designer who can help weigh options and finalize your choices.

Construction Mistakes

These are bound to happen along the way, especially considering the number of elements that go into building a home. Mismeasurements, humidity issues, and cracks are all part of the construction process. That said, Gerard Construction works with master craftsmen and experienced teams that take as much pride in the individual parts of the home-building process as we do. If a mistake is made, we work to fix it right away. Our reputation is important to us, and we want the right relationship with each of the homeowners we work with.

If you are ready to begin planning your home build, contact us today! Gerard Construction is ready to help you plan and divert as many frustrations ahead of time as we can. Our job is to help you through every step as your dream home is built, and it is a job we are honored to do.





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