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Clever Ways to Add Storage at Your Home

“More space” tends to be two words we hear the most from homeowners, or potential homeowners, whether we are helping them decide whether to renovate or build a new home. While this sometimes applies to general floor plan space, it can also frequently apply to storage. Gerard Construction knows that your desire for your home is function and storage is a large part of that. There are a few tips and tricks you should consider when deciding on the storage you need.

DIY Options

Sometimes you need a few storage solutions before our team comes in, or even after because you need flexibility. There are a number of ways you can add storage yourself. Hooks can help reduce the clutter of jackets, hats, towels, or backpacks and can add design elements to entryways, kitchens, or other spaces. Open shelving is a popular way to display favorite items and things you need to access in kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms. Large baskets come in every material and color imaginable and can help contain your clutter in certain areas.


Using a nook as a space can apply two different ways. First, when building a space, consider if you want a nook for a specific piece of furniture or some other storage solution that you already love. Many that work in their garage a lot have work benches or toolboxes that could benefit from a designated space. Other people have beautiful armoires or other large heirloom pieces that may take over a room without a nook designed for it. That said, there are other times that nooks may not serve the purpose we want for them. We can build those out to serve a better use for you and your family. By adding shelving, doors, and detailing as needed, you may acquire new space you didn’t know you had. We can think creatively about a number of spots in your home, including under the stairwell and in certain spaces between beams.


Putting in cabinetry, whether in the kitchen, garage, media room, or other space can be an efficient way of adding in storage for your home. From just a few feet worth to the length of a hallway, you can have custom cabinetry designed and built. Cabinets have endless combinations with different materials, designs, colors, hinges, hardware, and whether you install uppers in addition to lowers.

Inside Jobs

While it may be obvious to think about where our construction team can install cabinets or build out a new closet for you, it may not be as obvious to think about what you want inside that space that we can add in for you as well. Maybe you need specific shelving inside your kitchen cabinet to store your stand mixer or other bulky item. Maybe you have a need for a hanger inside a bathroom cabinet that offers an easy place for a hair dryer to be put away. Your closet may not feel complete without shoe organizers or a built-out space for a work bag. Like any other part of the design phase, really think about how you want to use your space, imagine a perfect day using that space, and help our team understand how to create it for you. To learn more about how our Gerard Construction team can help you find storage solutions in the home you have or the home you want to build, contact us today. The possibilities may not be endless, but there are an awful lot we can consider.





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