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Building a Custom Home: Step 7 - Closing Process

While the closing process can mean dotting every “i” and crossing every “t” on your loan papers, Gerard Construction can also refer to a closing process in regards to the end of our build with custom home building. As your home approaches the final steps of being complete, there is still a good amount of work to be done before we are satisfied with the product.

1. Checking as we go. Our team checks over our work as we go, looking at the details that we notice as experts in the home building industry. We want to notice every single nook and cranny of your home and we want to make sure it is perfect in regards to what you want your home to be. Not only does our building team check over their work, but our leadership team is involved in the process to oversee the work that is done.

2. Walk the property. Before we start to nudge towards the end, we walk the property ourselves to look over the home and land once more. From there, a list is made, noting everything that needs adjusting, fixing, or repair. This is usually a punch list of small tasks, from a dab of paint that needs to be touched up to a line of caulk that doesn’t look right.

3. Get homeowner input. Once our list is done, the homeowner adds to our notes, offering input on what they see as ways to adjust and perfect what we have already seen. This is always helpful as they often see the home with a fresh set of eyes, even if they visit the site on a regular basis.

4. Make a copy of the list. We want to be held to everything that is on that list. The final punch list is just as important to us as every other document and contract we have signed up until that point. We want complete transparency with the homeowner to make sure their dream home is exactly that.

5. Get started. We will begin notifying whichever part of our Gerard Construction team needs to be notified in order to fix everything on the list, literally scratching it off as we go. Sometimes we add on to that list, noticing a few more ways to make the build even better, but we focus on making every detail right.

6. Agree the job is done. We do not consider our job to be done until both sides are satisfied with the list being checked off and the work being up to the standards we have promised. Until that agreement has been reached, our team will continue to work to make sure the home, from large building components to fine tuning details are absolutely right.

When we sit down with a family to build a new home, we cover many details. We begin talking about property, design, and the structure of their home. But their home is also made from the little parts, inside and outside, as well. We know having everything from the fireplace surround to light switch covers to the corner tile of the upstairs bathroom is just as important as the larger parts of the job. So we aren’t done with the closing process, and handing over the keys, until every part is ready for the homeowners to enjoy.





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