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What to Know Before Installing a New Roof

27 Jun, 2024 | Storm Damage | Return|

Whether you need a new roof due to recent storms that have raced through the region or your home is simply due for a replacement, there is a lot to know. It may seem pretty straightforward and often, because of the importance of a roof, decisions aren’t really considered ahead of time. Gerard Construction knows the importance of a functioning roof, but also knows there are some design choices you can make along with general tips to make the process easier for you.



Your new roof can be made of a number of different materials besides standard shingles. Metal, tile, cedar, and more are all options considered for roofing material. You will want to choose an option that matches the overall look of your home and also works well for the environment we are in. Additionally, shingles and tiles can come in multiple colors to compliment your home’s design, siding, and trim. What’s more, you will want to think about the amount of overlap and layout of your roofing materials to best meet the aesthetic appearance you want for your home.



Outside of the overall look and materials used for your new roof, you need to be aware there are a number of other logistics that will determine the cost and timeline for your roof replacement. The pitch, or slope, of your roof will make a difference, with steep roofs taking more time to replace. The overall size of your home will also change the scope of the project considerably, with additional eves and levels adjusting the timeline in smaller amounts.



If everything is going well, the timeline for a new roof is not particularly long. This can change though if there has been a large influx in the number of people needing a new roof due to a natural disaster in the area. That can increase the time due to workers being contracted to other homes and the supply chain being backed up due to the large demand. If this is the case, Gerard Construction can work with you to make sure your home is secure while we wait for the right time to start your project. Otherwise, according to Architectural Digest, a roof replacement will take anywhere from one day to just over a week. This depends largely on the logistics above.



While there are certainly renovation projects that feel like more of a nuisance to homeowners, a roof can be pretty straightforward of a job. If the timeline progresses like normal, it can be a fairly quick fix, compared to a larger interior job and homeowners don’t necessarily need to move out of their space, unless there is also a repair that needs to happen inside the home due to a roof fully collapsing. There are a few bothersome considerations to be aware of. First, homeowners should be prepared for the noise. There will be multiple workers on your house to rip up the old roof and secure the new shingles in place. There will also be some mess as the old materials are discarded and sometimes stray debris will find its way into the yard or driveway. Gerard Construction will work to make sure as much debris is picked up as possible, especially roofing nails that can be harmful to humans, animals, and vehicle tiers.


If you are due for a new roof and would like to discuss more with Gerard Construction about your options, contact us today. We want to make your house into a dream home, functional and beautiful.





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