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Of all the details people may imagine about building their dream home or renovating their existing home, cabinet hardware may not be high on the list of things to consider ahead of time. The truth is, cabinet hardware can make a difference in a subtle way to your bathroom, kitchen, or other areas where Gerard Construction has included cabinetry. Here are a few tips our construction and design team recommend for your home.

1. Type. There are two basic types – knobs and pulls. If you think of a handle, you are often thinking of a pull. According to Spruce.com, pulls are more comfortable, since they “allow the whole hand to grab instead of only your fingertips.” A pull may be better suited for larger or heavy drawers and doors. Many areas can benefit from both knobs and pulls and there is a wide selection of hardware that matches in both types.

2. Orientation and location. While you certainly shouldn’t mount your hardware close to the hinge of a door, you do have a little freedom in mounting them horizontal or vertical and where you would like them to be located. Take pictures of someone holding them in different arrangements to see what you would prefer.

3. Lines. Hardware has lines just like any other part of your home. Square, rounded, or scrolled – you can find multiple choices with this overall shape in a number of sizes. Consider the cabinetry you are choosing first and try to mimic that in your hardware since they should complement one another. You don’t want the straight edges of shaker cabinetry combined with elegant scrollwork. Similarly, a modern piece of hardware may look out of place with a more rustic finish on the woodwork in your home.

4. Finish. Chrome and brushed nickel are the most common choices and have great versatility for many homes. There are dozens of other choices though for someone who wants their hardware to make more of a statement. Pewter, aluminum, black matte, tile, and certain stones can all be used to make hardware that stand out.

5. Consider comfort. You will be using the pulls and knobs multiple times a day, every day that you are in your home. You want the hardware to be something that you feel comfortable with using. Something too small, too large, or with rough edges is not going to do the job you need done. Test out the pulls and knobs and handle them to make sure you feel comfortable with your choice.

6. Cost. Your hardware should be a part of your budget just like every other part of your renovation or build. Set a realistic budget and stick to it. The great thing about hardware is that you can easily change out or upgrade it in a year or two if you decide you need a new look.

Gerard Construction loves to help homeowners consider every detail of their home, including something as seemingly small as the knobs on your bathroom cabinets or the pulls on your kitchen drawers. If you are completely lost, we have a designer on staff who can help you narrow down endless choices into a few to consider for your home. To begin planning your renovation or build, contact us today.





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