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When you think about it, there are a fair number of months out of the year where the Brazos Valley is able to enjoy the outdoor spaces we have for our homes. Granted, there are a few months where we retreat far inside to the air conditioning during the hottest portions of the day, but even early mornings and evenings are great times to enjoy your first cup of coffee or a grilled dinner with loved ones. Since our outdoor spaces are so usable, it makes sense to spend time on styling these spaces and making sure they look good and are functional. Your Gerard Construction team can help with that.

Outdoor Dining

Meals bring people together, even lighter fare of snacks or a cool beverage. So, it makes sense to incorporate a plan for dining when styling your outdoor space.  Since food is such a central part to our lives, building an outdoor kitchen with Gerard Construction can really help your time in your great outdoors. Not only is it more convenient, but it can bring an extra element of entertainment and fellowship as you cook and prepare food with the people you love. Your outdoor kitchen can be the one of your dreams, with counter space, built in sinks, refrigerators, burners, grills, and more. The same care we provide for indoor kitchens will be put into making your outdoor kitchen exactly what you want.

Extra Seating

Once your meal is ready, you will want to consider tables and chairs. Whether a full table with seating or lounge space with plenty of surfaces for balancing plates and glasses, a place to dine is a must. You will want enough seating for those who live in your home and many families will want options for additional seating for visitors and guests. While pop up and folding chairs are great ideas for very large crowds, there are creative seating elements you may want to consider. We can even help build custom seating into your space that is both stylish and functional, as well as custom shelving or storage options for all the extra outdoor items that seem to need a home.

Shade and Comfort

There is no denying that, despite several months of good outdoor temperatures, that the sun’s rays can be annoying at best and harmful in some cases. While umbrellas can help to some degree, many outdoor spaces benefit from a cover of some sort. By working with Gerard Construction, you can decide exactly what works for your space and matches the architecture and design of your home. Our team can help you plan for a covering and help as you place additional features like stonework around posts or electrical wiring for lights and a ceiling fan. Covering your patio or deck will extend your home even further and provide comfort for your time outside.

Our team at Gerard Construction loves to be outdoors, for work and for time with our own families. We want you to enjoy your outdoor space and can provide the work you need to make it comfortable and stylish. To learn more, contact us today.





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