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One of the best parts about a home is all of the nooks and crannies you can use for storage, display, and to show a little taste of yourself. Bookcases, whether built in during the construction or during a renovation from Gerard Construction, or purchased after the fact, can be a great way to meet all three needs.


A bookcase is a great place for storage, whether tucked away behind doors, placed carefully into decorative baskets, or stacked like all of your favorite books may be. Depending on your own taste, you may fill every shelf with books and you may alternate with other elements to bring interest to the bookcase. You can alternate how the books are arranged, in batches, so to break up the space a bit. Baskets should go near the bottom of the bookcase, “[making] them easier to access” according to The Spruce. Small boxes, like photo boxes, can hold any number of items and come in a variety of colors and patterns. 


We all have favorite items, whether it is pictures of our loved ones, souvenirs from our favorite trip, or hand me down decorative items that we want to put on display for everyone to see. The Spruce suggests to think of these items as one, looking for a common shade of colors or theme to put on your bookcase. That being said, create depth by placing taller items toward the back and smaller items to the front, making sure nothing gets lost in the mix. Don’t be afraid to try something for a day, then rearrange to try at another time. If you like an arrangement, snap a picture on your phone so you can come back to it if none of your other options work out!

Personalizing Your Space

At the end of the day, the bookcase, just like every other part of your home, should be a mix of what works for you with what you love. If you love a certain color, consider painting your bookcase or putting a beloved wallpaper in the back of the bookcase for a pop of interest. Some families love to arrange all of their family books by color or type to help children find items quickly and for just a little fun. Mix and match different textures, adding metal, glass, and fabric to the wood of the bookcase and the pages of any books you have. 

Interior Design

Gerard Construction has an Interior Designer on staff to help you style your bookcase from the beginning or later in your build. The bookcase itself, when part of a build or renovation can be custom built to whatever size and design you want, and we can help make those decisions. By looking at the entire home and the aesthetic you are seeking in the specific room where the bookcases will be, she can help make design choices like trim, stain, and structure that will find a balance between function and statement. Additionally, she can be there in the final stages to help put everything in its place, helping to bring all of the final elements together. 

To learn more about how we can add bookcases into a room you are redesigning or to begin planning for a new home all together, contact Gerard Construction, today. We can make every room custom for you and your needs, whether too many books, or any other item you draw inspiration from. 





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