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Maybe you have lived in a home for years, but you have realized a few of the quirks and charms you once loved about the house are actually issues that you want to address. Maybe you moved into a home, but your life circumstances changed and your needs are different a few years later. Maybe you found a location and a home you mostly like, but wish a handful of updates were possible. Whatever the reason for a remodel, Gerard Construction can help you make the home you have into the home you love.

What can be remodeled in my home?

We would say almost anything in your home can be remodeled. The only caution is major structural changes may need additional oversight from our architect and additional resources, like time and budget, depending on the project. Working on updating a kitchen, renovating a bathroom, adding much-needed storage solutions, and every detail in between are some of the more common remodeling projects we see. That being said, anything we would do when building a new construction home can be done as part of your remodel.

What kind of budget will I need?

Just as with our custom home builds, that would depend on a number of factors. The larger the project and the more areas of your home we are working on, then the larger the budget. We would take time to walk through your home, get an idea of what you want, then create a bid that is as custom as the needs you have for your home. We could talk through the different options to discuss what works best. We have a background in finance and have multiple contacts we could recommend for you to talk to about lending if that was a need.

Who does the work on the remodel?

We provide oversight every step of the way during your remodel and are in constant communication about what is taking place. Many of our contractors have worked for us for years and are considered part of the Gerard Construction family. Once your remodel is done, we will do a walkthrough on our own to check over our work, then we will do a walk through with you to look over every detail. We won’t consider the job done until you are fully satisfied.

What if I am unsure of what I want from a remodel?

We love to collaborate with homeowners who have both a clear vision and a vague list of needs for their home. For those with a clear vision, bring in your pictures and ideas and we can begin making plans. For those with a vague list of needs, start collecting ideas of what you think might work, but come sit down with us. We have a designer on staff who can look at your list and your current home and begin narrowing down what your needs are. Additionally, we have many years of experience in construction which allows us the ability to ask questions to help you along the way, zeroing in on aspects of your remodel you may not even know was possible.

What can I do as I plan?

Start making lists! Some aspects of your list will be really easy, like “switch carpet to tile.” You may even have a sample ready to go for us to consider. Other aspects of your list may be a little more challenging. If you are looking to overhaul your kitchen or bathroom, imagine an ideal day in that setting. For your kitchen, if you were making coffee where would that be? Where would you like people to gather while you are preparing food? What work station needs do you have? Where do you want appliances? For the bathroom, where do you get ready each morning? Do you use a bathtub or just the shower? What is the ideal balance of countertop to sink to cabinet space? By taking the time to think about how you want to use your space, you can make your physical space work better for you. When you see ideas, at a friend’s house or on television, take a picture! We can look at all of those as inspiration and customize it to your needs.

To learn more about Gerard Construction, contact us today. We have a gallery of new build construction and remodels to help you begin making the plan for your remodel. Making your existing home your dream home can be next on our list.





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