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How To Pick the Perfect Exterior Paint

While a fresh coat of paint doesn’t have the best overall scent in the world, there is no doubt that it makes us feel a sense of something new or fresh. Even on the exterior of your home, fresh paint goes a long way in brightening your curb appeal. If you are stuck on where to begin with choosing exterior paint for your home, Gerard Construction is here to help you.

The Importance of Repainting

Besides the obvious curb appeal, keeping your home looking new with a fresh coat of paint can have longer-term benefits. Paint not only adds the color or style you want, but it does a lot to help protect your home. With the additional layer, a barrier is created between the sun’s rays, wind, and rain and the structure of your home. While in ideal conditions a layer of paint can look appealing for 15 years, more homes, especially those in certain climates, will need new paint every 5-10 years. 

Factors to Consider

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing paint. The materials used to build your home will greatly impact what type of paint you can use. The paint you use for Hardieplank siding is not the same paint you may use for stucco. Taking those materials into consideration will also be important when choosing a color for trim or other parts of your home. The DIY Network offers this practical example, “if you have a warm red brick foundation and you want brown for your exterior paint, choose a taupe with cool gray/blue undertones instead of a peachy tan.” You may also need to consider options within your HOA Guidelines or submit a sample for their approval. This may take a few days to accomplish. With the ultimate goal of repainting anyways, don’t be afraid to buy a few test colors and apply brush-outs on both north and south-facing walls. By doing so, you will be able to see how you like certain colors or shades without committing to a larger expense. 

Types of Paint

Outside of recommending specific brands of paint, there are different paints simply in their makeup. Most homeowners fair best with acrylic latex paint. It holds up better than oil-based paints and is easier to apply. By looking for a “flat” finish, your home won’t share normal wear and tear quite as easily, “eggshell” will add ease of cleaning to those benefits. The cost of paint is usually an indication of pigmentation, so you will want to avoid the cheapest options because you may end up using more in the long run as you attempt to get the color saturation you are looking for. 

Recommendations We Have

While painting, even just walls, can be very relaxing for many people, completing the exterior of your home can be a daunting task. In order to give your home the care it needs, several steps will need to take place before you even crack open the first can of paint. Power washing all surfaces to remove grime and dirt will help the paint stick and will also help you see what areas need filler or caulk. Sanding will also prep the surface for new paint. Make sure to consider taping around trim, windows, and doors and to use drop cloths around your yard and patio. Reaching the height you need in many homes can be difficult as well. While technically a savvy homeowner has the knowledge to paint their home, this is a large project, so take that into consideration. 


To learn more about how Gerard Construction can help freshen the exterior of your home and add an extra layer of protection to your structure, contact us today. We care about your home, from the inside to the outside, and want every aspect of it to look great!





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