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April showers bring May flowers…and storm damage

Throughout Texas, it seems we have a fair amount of storms and weather systems that can impact our homes. This is particularly true in the spring, however. Whether rain, hail, or heavy wind, there are a number of ways to protect your family and your home during these times.

During the storm

First and foremost, you and your family need to stay safe during the storm. Immediately seek shelter and avoid driving if at all possible. Homeowners need to be cautious with appliances, especially gas-powered stoves, and with anything with an open flame. Once the storm has passed, evaluate the need to wait for an all clear. If safe, be careful of rising water, damaged structures, and wild animals that may have been disturbed during the storms. Don’t forget to provide for the safety of your pets and to check on family and neighbors if needed. Depending on the type of weather system, you may need to move to an interior portion of your home or secure valuables in rising water. 

Immediately after the storm

For insurance claims, take photos and videos of the damage, while documenting items in written format as well. You can begin securing your immediate structural needs, like placing a tarp or a plywood sheet over a damaged roof and removing water from your home with a shop vacuum or other similar tool. Additionally, carpets and rugs can be completely removed if you have had flooding. If a tree was downed on your home or fence, be very careful while using a chainsaw or when climbing ladders to assess damage. When a large-scale system has impacted multiple homes, you will want to call your insurance provider as soon as possible to arrange for a claims adjustor to view your damages. 

When you need repairs

If you will be filing a claim with an insurance provider, you will need to contact your claims person or adjustor before hiring out work. You can contact us for a bid, so you can have a rough estimate of how much the repairs will cost and to discover what our recommendations might be. By providing you with an honest bid, you will be able to have peace of mind that your home is taken care of by a contractor who cares and provides attention to every detail in returning your home to its original state. When a large-scale weather system has impacted a specific area, many contractors descend on the community, eager to make a profit and sometimes taking advantage of the situation. The Texas Attorney General reminds us, “[n]ot all door-to-door contactors are scammers—but many scammers do work door-to-door.” Gerard Construction has decades of experience in the Brazos Valley and we care about the homeowners we serve. Our contractors will not only provide an estimate and supervision of your repairs, but we have experienced teams to rebuild every portion of your home, from replacing flooring with tile to refinishing cabinets to their prior state. 

Whether a storm has forced your hand in making some repairs or you are ready to freshen up a portion, or the entirety of your home, Gerard Construction has the established presence and experienced in the Brazos Valley that you need. Please contact us today to learn more about our company. 





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