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FAQ: Barndominiums

Barndominium. For those new to this type of construction, the word itself will give you at least a pause if not stumbling over it all together. A play on the words barn and condominium, barndominiums have been around for decades, but are gaining popularity at a rapid pace. A barndominium may provide the solutions needed for your next home, in a number of ways. 

What is a barndominim?

A barndominium, or barndo, has two different origins. A barndo can be an existing barn or similar structure that is then converted over to a living space, shop, venue, or other purpose. It can also be a metal barn structure that is designed and built with the sole purpose of being something other than a barn. The motivating characteristic of these spaces, outside of the aesthetic, is due to the structural integrity of the design itself. Barns, by nature, are designed and built for most structural support to happen through the outside walls, the beams, and few, if any poles. The open space provides options that are very appealing to homeowners and builders. 

Why are they popular?

Barndominiums were creeping up in popularity over recent years, but when the Fixer Upper couple, Chip and Joanna Gaines, decided to renovate a barn, the concept made headlines and entered everyone’s Pinterest feeds immediately. Countryliving.com found that a study of the top searches for men on Pinterest included barndominiums. The function is highly appealing for the flexibility mentioned above and the aesthetics can differ beyond the traditional red, square building many have in their mind when they are asked to imagine a barn. Others are turning to this type of structure because of the energy efficiency their barndo may provide. 

What makes them special?

Barndominiums are economical and not for the reasons you would expect. Their building supplies generally tend to have less costs associated with them, although much of the final number always depends on the number of bells and whistles added into the basics. Additionally, when we help build a barndo, we sometimes put ourselves out of a job because the maintenance, even over multiple years, is almost non-existent.     Generally, they tend to be a quicker build. According to barndominiumlife.com, “a true steel barndominium can be set up in a matter of days or weeks.” With the larger size that can be built, the possibilities internally are also endless. The same article states they have seen examples of “structures that hold living quarters, workspaces, gyms, swimming pools, and entire equestrian arenas. Yet there is still enough space left over to park a class A motorhome.” 

What is their purpose?

A barndominium purpose is anything you want it to be. Whether your primary space for living and entertaining, a combination of a work and living space, a weekend home, or something supplemental on a larger piece of property, the appeal of a barndo is the versatility it can provide.  Some families want one built exactly like a home would be built. Still others are looking for a place to park recreational vehicles. We can work with each of those and everything in between. While a limiting factor may be the amount of land you need to build what you are wanting, we have the expertise to help you find the perfect piece of land as well. 

To get started on plans for your barndominium, contact us today. We are excited to help jump into discovering what you have in mind for your space and to do everything we can to turn that into a reality. 





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