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The bathroom in years and decades past was truly a functional addition to home plans. A toilet, a shower/bath combo, and a sink were all that were needed for a bathroom to truly meet the needs of a homeowner. It was often overlooked in home renovations, home planning, and home buying. In more recent years, the bathroom is becoming a larger and larger focus of homeowner’s plans as individuals upgrade to meet their unique needs for this space in addition to adding a few of their wishes and desires. 

Décor Trends

Big, splashy design can be found showing up, especially in smaller spaces like powder bathrooms. The small space allows for a bold patterned wallpaper or statement wall color without the commitment of a larger or more visible room. Mixing and matching textures, finishes, and other elements will also be found in many bathrooms. Contrasting materials, like marble and exposed industrial style plumbing, is a growing design trend. By choosing pieces of art to complement the style of a bathroom, homeowners can add to the sense of their bathroom being a fully utilized portion of the home, rather than a functional space. 


Monochromatic color schemes will be found in more bathrooms over the next years, especially in calm blues, greens, or natural colors like wood or stone. Expect to see an increase in white and grey, both in stone or tile choices and in the color of walls and cabinetry. With a sharp turn towards eco-friendly and sustainable choices, concrete is now being used because it can take on many colors, depending on the stain used and materials embedded in the concrete. Because of the emphasis on eco-friendly, many concrete colors will stay closer to the natural grey appearance.

Tile Choice

Marble is taking over most tile choices when homeowners find it affordable for their bathrooms and other parts of the home. However, not all marble will look the same. Different patterns and colors appear in marble selections making them a statement on their own. When marble doesn’t match up with the homeowner’s wish list, either for aesthetics or at the price point, many are turning to tile manufactured to look like hardwood flooring. This tile is easier to manage in the bathroom with drips and spills and can provide a sense of warmth to a sometimes stark location in the home. Elle Décor also favors “[m]an made materials, such as quartz and porcelain tiles that look like natural stones…”


According to Elle Décor, pewter and gunmetal are a growing trend for hardware. By adding texture to similar old industry standards like gold and black, your bathroom can receive an update. As mentioned above, exposed plumbing is also being pulled from the industrial/loft style design in other portions of the home and is integrating into the shower and sink areas as well. Many elements from the other design trends in other parts of the house will begin finding their way to the bathroom so faucets, drawer pulls, and other hardware may be soon to follow. 


With the bathroom adding square footage onto plans, it’s no surprise of the functions emerging in this space. Many are opting for the closet to be accessible through the bathroom, allowing for individuals to fully get ready in a specific section of their home. Also, more prevalent is a bathroom seating area, whether built-in or just allocated with space for a bench to put on and take off clothing and shoes. Homeowners are frequently seeking more storage that makes sense so linen closets, built-in shelves, and additional cabinetry are being added onto plans for even the smaller bathrooms. 

If these design trends or your own ideas sound perfect for the next steps in renovating or designing your bathrooms, Gerard Construction can help make these plans a reality. Look through our gallery of completed projects for additional inspiration or contact us today. 





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