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5 Ways to Decorate Your Home for the Winter

Switching out seasonal decor can be one of the best ways to freshen up your living space and help your home feel renewed without repairs and renovations. Decorating your home for the winter is no exception to that, and now is a great time to choose a few items to bring a wintery feel to your favorite spaces. Gerard Construction has several tips and tricks to decorate your home for the winter, whether you are looking for cozy warmth or something frosty and bright.

Add Light.

The winter months are not just colder in the Northern hemisphere; they are also darker as the sun goes down earlier in the day. Adding decor that also provides light can be beautiful and multifunctional. Some may choose small twinkle lights draped strategically across a mantle or bookshelf, while others may choose lights tucked away in decorative pieces. You can also add under or above rechargeable counter lights and add light at any time of the year. Another clever way to increase light in your space is when you add decorative mirrors or glass pieces. Light in your room will bounce off these elements to add visibility.

Natural elements.

As people may spend less time outside, adding natural elements to your winter decor can help counter any seasonal sadness. There are always typical holly and fur decor that many may choose, but small trees, like fig trees or potted citrus trees, are also interesting elements. Consider incorporating typically outdoor plants into your decor as they may reside in your home during freezing temperatures.


This season is the time to bring out as many throw blankets and pillows as you desire. Whether you are choosing warm emerald colors or icy blue colors for winter, you can mix and match different patterns while providing an extra layer of warmth for friends and family in your home. If you don’t want to drape all of your blankets over a chair, couch, or bed, you can choose a decorative and functional storage ottoman or basket that will add another element of appeal to your space. Changing drapes to keep out drafts and adding rugs to cold solid surfaces are also ways to add warmth and texture and to change colors as desired.

Look around.

There are many places you can add winter decor beyond the obvious living areas many people start in. You will find your home feeling different with each item added through elements in your bathrooms, bedrooms, outdoor living spaces, and dining areas. While you may have already winterized your outdoor space, there are plenty of days when the temperatures in our area are perfect for spending time outside, and having decorative winter elements can make that time with family and friends feel even more special.


When decorating your home for winter, don’t overdo it. Choose a color palette or theme that works throughout your space or matches in larger spaces that connect to one another. It can be jarring to go from a room with dark and heavy plaid decor to crystalline ice decor, so pick some pieces and decor that coordinate. Also, think about pieces you can easily store or use for other seasons. A great way to switch out decor is by using standard throw pillows and switching the pillowcases depending on the season. You may also designate a few spots throughout your home, whether on shelves or in little nooks, where you decorate seasonally, depending on what you choose.

Gerard Construction is excited to see how you decorate your home for the winter. Even if you take some time to select items and build upon them each year, you should pick decor you love. After all, it is your home, the place you rest and reside each day, that should be the place of your dreams. If you have inquiries on how to make your home closer to the one you have always dreamt about, contact us, today.





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