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5 Kitchen Designs

The kitchen is traditionally the gathering place, a place for food and fellowship and warmth, whether figurative or literal. Unfortunately, the kitchen is often the area that is also most neglected despite its use because of the overwhelming choices and fear of costs associated with a refresh or renovation. Whereas other areas can get by with a new chair and a coat of paint, to update your kitchen, there are multiple components to consider. With thoughtful choices and an eye toward design, the kitchen can be a great place to rehab, providing a place for memories for years to come. For the longest-lasting renovation, or if you are building a new kitchen from scratch, here are a few design trends to think about.


Contrasting decisions can go multiple ways, either in contrasting colors, contrasting materials or in both. Many designers are pairing dark and light together, to create a streamlined look made popular by white and other lighter color choices over the past few years, but adding a touch of warmth, depth, and elegance with a darker countertop, island, or other central pieces. Other designers are creating this look with contrasting materials, pairing a lighter ash or elm cabinetry with a dark marble countertop. This fulfills the color-based design choice while also generating depth and warmth with varying textures. For those looking for a bolder way to accomplish this contrast, they may pair a bolder, darker color like navy blue, to catch the eye of anyone entering the room.

Double Up

Islands have become almost a staple for the footprint of kitchens across the United States. This space has been a place to accomplish work, prepare meals, and serve guests. The island has become so needed, many are opting for an additional island, creating dual-purpose spaces for preparation and serving to take place. Whether large or small, this also allows for mobility and additional seating if needed.

Open and Sleek

Having exposed shelving is continuing as a trend in many kitchens, especially when paired with a streamlined countertop surface free of appliances and clutter. By choosing a few spots to feature a few select cookware or serving pieces will create interest and easy accessibility. An added bonus to less décor on the countertops or perched over cabinetry means your areas will be easier to clean and provide more prep space, at least on counters. The clean lines and sleek design are also accomplished by matching your backsplash to your countertop, letting the eye carry through the kitchen without stopping.

New Technology

Between new types of appliances to help you cook your meals to technology updates on existing appliances to make your cooking life easier, there are endless possibilities in a kitchen redesign. Many are including a sous vide that is built-in for submersion cooking and a vacuum sealer is important for anyone buying in bulk or trying to save their favorite wine for the next day. Others may look to upgrade their oven or refrigerator with smart capabilities. An oven can be remotely controlled to turn on or off at specific times or can give social media followers a look inside to what is cooking for the day. Your refrigerator could give you hints on when you need to stop at the store for more eggs or an extra gallon of milk as you head home.


This expands on the design trends we’ve already touched on, from countertops being accessible for a number of people to appliances that make your life even easier. Versatility can also carry over to a multifunctional work sink with specially designed draining racks and cutting boards which allow for that space to work as more than a cleaning area. The open kitchen concept is also becoming even more open as people design space with no walls or doorways, but are truly an open portion of a larger space meant for mingling and dining together.

To learn more about the ways Gerard Construction can help you renovate your existing kitchen or lend ideas for a new home you are looking to build, see our idea gallery online. We are excited to help our clients build the home of their dreams, whether that building already exists as a home or is being prepped from the ground up. Contact us today!





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