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It can be frustrating to wait for a large home renovation or to save the final amount to build a new home. Excitement for a fresh look or something new is a feeling we can relate to at Gerard Construction, it’s one of our favorite parts of the building and renovation processes. There are ways you can bring in these popular design trends to your home, whether it’s a home you already live in or one you are designing with us. In fact, the industry is seeing an increase in home renovations, some using the trends here, at a rate of 4.7%!


Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Departing from wood stain or white, bold colors are trending for kitchen cabinets. From black and grey to blues and greens, more and more people are trying different shades and hues in their kitchens. The trend makes sense, most kitchens are the hub of the home, having pops of color or focus drawn to a specific area helps the feeling of welcome. From a practical standpoint; the colors, especially those trending towards dark, rich colors, mean cabinets show less smudging and seem easier to keep clean!

Applying Removable Wallpaper

The wallpaper of today is not the wallpaper of generations before us, in regards to installation, removal, or design. Instead of being a fairly permanent style decision, wallpaper is easily placed with care and taken down when tastes or homeowners shift. Wallpaper can also be used to bring in color, patterns, and focus for a wall or an entire room depending on your inspiration. Some of the top wallpaper trends being seen include landscapes, geometric patterns, and abstract shapes.

Stenciling Your Tile

Whether there is already tile in place or you are looking to add this element to a room in your home, moving away from plain tile can be a way to add color and to make a statement. As one design site claims, “They are the modern way to add character and artistic flair to any interior, while still retaining that sense of quality craftsmanship of real tile designs.” From painting an entire floor in a pattern, like zigzags or stripes, to painting individual tiles in a Moroccan or Fleur De Lis-inspired fashion, using bold colors along with the motif you choose will certainly give your room or home a new feel.

Bringing Nature Indoors

Before you begin breaking up your foundation in order to plant a garden in your living room, although we have seen it before, by bringing nature indoors, we refer to materials pulled either directly or closely from a natural setting. Natural wood is being used for accent pieces and furniture, but it can also be used for cabinetry and wall features. Additionally, natural wood, once treated correctly, can be used as countertops and provide a bold, but warm statement not seen in many homes. Stone floors or steps can be laid in either a rough or polished way to meet the needs of the homeowners. Also, layering natural wood with pebbled concrete, granite, or other materials that resemble textures found in nature can provide additional depth to your design.


Instead of looking at design in a minimalist way, decorators and homeowners are thinking about design in a meaningful way. Furniture, lighting, and redesign are all being thought of in matters of value, the story they tell, their impact on the earth, and how they can be carried forward. Making choices that can transition well, like a hutch that can be moved from room to room as time passes on or spaces that can be multifunctional instead of single-purpose, is important to the designs of today. Further, the materials being requested in redesign and building are moving towards more sustainable products like clay or rice paper.

Gerard Construction can assist in the redesigns listed here or others you may be noticing or have saved to your Pinterest board. We have the team and expertise to make your vision a reality. Call us or contact us today to learn more about how we can help.




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