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15 Design Mistakes to Avoid

Building, renovating, or redesigning your home can be a hugely creative task. From all the logistics of the build, which our construction team at Gerard Construction can cover, to the design elements you will develop, you may go into decision making overload. Adding on the pressure of wanting to make sure your design will last beyond a trendy year or two can be daunting. Our team can help you make decisions you will love paired with elements you will be comfortable with by avoiding some of these common mistakes.

1. Random appliances. Making sure your large kitchen appliances match, will help your space look cohesive and put together. This is an easy fix you can ensure from the start of planning.

2. Stenciling. This trend is very dated and can make a space look tired. If you love a specific quote, consider framing it in a smaller form to be placed on your bathroom counter or other place you will see it for inspiration.

3. Mismatched patterns. We love a great statement pattern or mixing and matching different patterns of the same color but combining zebra with floral with plaid makes a space look chaotic, not put together.

4. Focusing on the TV. Television is a part of our life, and some screens can be very large. Instead of the TV being the focus or only part of your wall, integrate the TV into your design with shelves, pictures, and other elements.

5. Too Beachy. Especially along the coast or at the lake, it can be fun to bring water themes into your design. There is a line though that is easy to cross in your design that makes elements too cheesy. Focus on watercolors and a few contemporary pieces to tie a coastal theme together.

6. Forgetting the Dining Room. The dining room can be a forgotten spot in your design. Work from the start to choose some great build elements that have a purpose and are beautiful, like built-ins, molding, or other choices. Then pick a few statement pieces to bring everything together.

7. Open shelving. This needs a caveat because we love open shelving when used correctly. However, you need to organize the space and make sure you select the right pieces to display.

8. Window envy. Your window can be a crucial part of your design and space instead of an afterthought. Think about the light you want in your space and how you would want to block out that light at night. By being thoughtful ahead of time, you can create a much more cohesive look in your rooms.

9. Grout issues. Tile countertops can look extremely dated and be very difficult to clean. Choose a solid surface, whether natural stone or manufactured. And make sure the grout anywhere in your home is cleaned regularly to keep the space looking clean and fresh.

10. Clutter. This one is pretty much up to the homeowner to keep up with in clearing out clutter. However, our team can help you build or redesign some of your spaces to have more or better storage solutions in your home.

11. Bland and white. While we agree that white can help a small space look more open and airier, this can be overdone as well. Choose elements and colors you love that work well together. And if space is an issue, pick lighter shades and hues to keep the area looking fresh.

12. Dark and dreary. On the other hand, choosing colors, especially browns and neutrals that are too dark can make a space look drab. Don’t be afraid to add a little color to your space, with millions of choices out there, you can find the perfect one for each room.

13. Wrong Sizing. If your furniture is too large or too small for your space, your room can look off and feel uncomfortable. Pick pieces that are a good size for the footprint of your home and don’t overpower any one element with items that are too large.

14. Forgetting lighting. Light is a huge design element that is often overlooked and forgotten. It is also practically needed in every room. Combine light fixtures with design elements along with pot lights or under cabinet lights that are functional for the best of both worlds.

15. Losing focus. Whether a focal point in a room or an overall design theme, don’t forget to hone in on what you want in your space. Without one of these, you may not have the full picture you are looking for, making your space feel unfinished.

At the end of the day, you are the one living in your home and you should design the home that is comfortable and pleasing to you. If you want a certain trend or unique design element, we will be happy to work that into your project. If you are a little hesitant, our design team can help you find ways to integrate your ideas into an aesthetic that will withstand the test of time. Either way, our Gerard Construction team will help you build the home of your dreams, so contact us today.





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