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Our Gerard Construction team will be among the first to admit that there are a number of hot days around the corner. The August heat beats down on us whether we are helping you plot out the best placement for a new build on your acreage, or if we are measuring space for the new addition to your existing home. While there may be a few scorchers in our future, if we are honest, we need to recognize that there are more than enough beautiful days that extend the living in our home beyond the four walls. Seeing that, here are a few landscaping ideas to consider as you head outdoors to enjoy all your home has to offer.

1. Rock on. Rocks, stone, and gravel are just a few elements to consider for your backyard space. By breaking up the lawn with these elements, you will not only reduce the area you need mowed, but you will also create points of interest when looking around the space. Larger stones can be arranged into patios. Gravel can be used as pathways or borders. Rocks can be elements in garden areas.

2. Fun times. Fun can apply to much more than a swing set or plastic toys. By tucking away a hammock or swing into a garden space you are creating a fun element that feels nestled into the greenery around it. Steppingstones can serve as games like hopscotch. Even more traditional styles of kid’s play equipment can be part of your landscaping by using natural elements and creative thinking.

3. Pockets of interest. Break up your lawn and outdoor space depending on how you will use it. Maybe you want to focus on a large place for games, a place for dining, and a place for conversation. By deliberately thinking about and designing separate spaces for these activities to take place, you will have better focus in creating and deciding what your space needs. For instance, you may think your dining space will look best at the furthest point in your lawn but consider how you will transport food and beverages across the lawn.

4. Water and warmth. Some homeowners love having a pool in their backyard and make it a must have. There is a lot that can be done with a pool for decorating and entertaining. If you want the element of water without the investment and upkeep of a pool, consider a different water feature, like a fountain or small pond. We also recommend considering a fire pit as a great feature for entertaining family and friends.

5. Shade. Whether you are planning a patio made of rock, concrete, or wood, you may want to think about some sort of covering or shade if you plan on hours of sitting out and enjoying your backyard. Some homeowners choose strategically placed umbrellas, others may want a pergola or other roof.

6. Overall style. While you can play with a few design elements outside, you will want to think about the overall look of your home and area when choosing your style. You wouldn’t want to pair a Mediterranean backyard with a modern architecture home or a cottage landscape with a barndominium.

7. Let your garden grow. As you are considering plants and space, think about trying your hand at vegetables, herbs, and other food producing plants. It can provide a great source of pride along with beautiful landscaping whether you choose boxes or beds.

8. Sheds. A shed has developed far beyond a place for rakes and the lawnmower. From she-sheds to flex office spaces to playrooms, you may be able to fix an inside the home space issue with a little building in the back.

9. Color. You can build color into your backyard with the plants you choose and the design elements you pick for furniture, cushions, and things like stonework and pottery. Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color or two, your backyard is big enough to absorb the extra hues.

10. Height. Whether elevating a deck or looking at terraced gardens, using height and tiers can be a productive use of space and a design focal point for your backyard. This is especially the case if your yard is sloped.

To learn more about the overall design of your home and how Gerard Construction can help make your indoor and outdoor space the space of your dreams, contact us today. We are ready to help you make your dream a reality.

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