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5 Design Trends You Can Do Now

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It can be frustrating to wait for a large home renovation or to save the final amount to build a new home. Excitement for a fresh look or something new is a feeling we can relate to at Gerard Construction, it’s one of our favorite parts of the building and renovation processes. There are ways you can bring in these popular design trends to your home, whether it’s a home you already live in or one you are designing with us. In fact, the industry is seeing an increase in home renovations, some u...
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Make Your Dream Home a Reality

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Homes are important to us. Dreams, goals, and conversations are often focused around home ownership, building something new, or altering what we already have. When it comes time to turn the dream into reality, we can waver with the unknown and the process of pouring our hard earned savings into the home. Fortunately, there are tips and tricks that will help you along the way, especially when building with Gerard.
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What to Look for in a Contractor

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A contractor becomes an important part of your life when building or remodeling a home. The person you choose will not only be someone you are consistently communicating with, but they will be trusted with an important component of your life, where you live.
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