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In addition to the hundreds of choices you may consider when thinking about your next home, you have to consider some larger questions from the start. Choices like location, style, and size are important to think through before you pick cabinetry and colors. Before those questions are even asked, you need to decide whether you want to build or buy. Gerard Construction can help you think through advantages and disadvantages to both of these options.

Buying a Home

For many families, buying a home that is already built makes the most sense. This may be because they are seeking a specific location or neighborhood and there are no new homes being constructed in that area. If location is your primary consideration, you will want to keep this in mind. Other families may choose buying an existing home because they are looking for a shorter turnaround time. Of course, this depends largely on the market and how specific your must haves are when you are looking for a prebuilt home. In some areas, the market is moving very quickly and you may have to wait for your best option or be willing to pay above the asking price. 

Building a Home

If you know exactly what you want from a home, you may want to consider building. By working with our architect, designer, and construction team from the start, every square foot of your home can measure up to your standards. Gerard Construction is proud of teaming up with our homeowners to either implement what they already know they want or to help them discover the not often thought of elements that go into building a home from the ground up. Additionally, if you are seeking a specific piece of property, building a home makes sense to compliment the property you already have or that we can help with our land acquisition services. Families who have a little wiggle room in their timeline and are willing to wait for construction to happen should consider building a home as well. Our team can work with you to explore your budget and help you stay at a price you feel comfortable with. 

Other Considerations

With all of our clients, whether building an entire home or looking for a renovation, we recommend making a list of must haves and factors they would like, but could compromise on. This can help when you are buying a home, too. By understanding your biggest needs, you will have a better idea of what you need to do to get your next dream home. If you have found the almost dream house that is already built, Gerard Construction can help you renovate to make it perfect. From freshening up an outdated kitchen to opening up living space to adding on to certain properties, our team has the experience to help make your home exactly what you need. 

To begin building with Gerard Construction, or to see what properties we have available as we build homes of our own design, contact us today. We can bring your dream to reality and are looking forward to partnering with you on a new home or a new room, whatever you choose. 





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