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There are many components that go into building or renovating a home, some that are more visible than others. The exterior of your home has a lot to say, in the immediate impression and style it offers. Each material Gerard Construction uses for your home has its own benefits and characteristics that you should consider before making your final choice. The materials we build with are best suited for the Brazos Valley and the climate here, considering that, while design is important in choosing an exterior material, you need to also consider how it will protect your house.

Hardie Products

Hardie products are designed to look like traditional siding that you see on many homes across America. While siding used to be made of lumber or wood material, Hardie is fiber cement siding which makes it extremely durable. Hardie siding can be installed lateral or vertical, depending on the look of your home. This material also comes with a warranty which can guarantee your home will look great for years to come. With siding, you can choose the paint color for your home, but some HOAs may have regulations that we will want to check first.


Stone provides an interesting look for the exterior of your home and is best for a design where you want the eye to travel around to different components of the house. This is because the stone is intentionally cut to be uneven and with rough edges. Stone has a lot of character and can be procured in different colors depending on what you are looking for.


While brick may seem pretty standard, there are a number of ways to use brick on the exterior of your home. Brick comes in different colors, and you will need to choose the face (or direction) and texture of the brick. Our construction team has experts that can help you pick aspects of the brick that you may have never even considered.


Some homes look best when utilizing two different exterior materials. By using more than one, you can create your own design that makes a statement. Our architect can help you plan which two materials would be best and which colors to choose for the right balance between complimenting one another and being bold.


Metal exteriors are only used on our barndominiums with the unique design they have. These space efficient buildings are built for a number of different purposes, from homes to offices to combination spaces on larger properties. Metal exteriors are very affordable and quick to install making it ideal for this type of build.

To begin planning your build or remodel, contact our Gerard Construction team. From exterior materials to interior design, we can help you build your dream home from top to bottom or make your current home an even more perfect space.





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