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Whether you are decorating extra for the holidays or simply want a warm and inviting feel to your home, Gerard Construction has tips on how to make your favorite rooms or entire house feel cozy. Especially during the winter months, we tend to want to create an atmosphere of warmth and depth for ourselves and for our guests.

Trees and Greenery

While trees are most commonly associated with Christmas, they can stay up well before and well after the month of December. This is especially true if they are left unadorned or if they have strings of lights as their only decoration. Our interior designer, Jennifer, loves to tuck Christmas trees of all sizes into every little nook she can manage, from a bathroom windowsill to the entry way to having a slim tree in the main bedroom. You can choose how authentic you want the trees to be, from live trees and branches to bottle brush trees in different colors.


The warm glow of lights of all types can make any room feel cozier. This can be achieved with lamps, of course, but don’t be afraid to string white lights on everything. It will help keep everything merry and bright and can set a nice environment for watching your favorite movie or cuddling with your favorite person. For additional light and warmth, choose candles with homey scents like vanilla, baked apples, or coffee for a full sensory experience.

Pillows and Blankets

We cannot stress enough how easy it is to redecorate with throw pillows and blankets. By rotating through to holiday colors or your favorite winter palate, you can immediately change the feel of the room without much work. With throw pillows, get standard sized pillows and change out the slipcover which helps with storage for the warmer months when you may choose something different. Don’t limit this cozy change to just your living room, choose seasonal coziness for your room, guestrooms, and media rooms, too.


We love decorating with different textures and elements, but not all textures are created equal for a cozy feel. Think wood, specifically darker woods and pronounced grains, woven elements, fabric, and darker metals. If you aren’t in the market for new pieces of furniture, you can add texture with burlap banners and felt ball garland strung across windows, mantels, and headboards.

Takeover Entire Home

Maybe entire isn’t the best word, but you can carry cozy elements throughout your home. By nestling little details into different spots of your home office, kitchen, entryway, bathrooms, and every place in between, you can bring a smile and a feeling of warmth to you and your guests. Choose a simple addition or two for each space and don’t be afraid to build through the years or to change out a few items every other year. Your tastes may change and you can always pass along your old favorite to someone else.

To learn more about Jennifer’s recommendations, see our blog for ideas. If you need her help in designing your home or are looking for a larger remodel, contact us today. We can make your current home cozier or build a cozy spot from scratch.





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