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How to Find a Lot to Build On

When we say Gerard Construction can help you through every step of the build process, we mean just that. We have experience and expertise on our team for building, renovating, designing, and even in helping you acquire your land. Some homeowners already have the location ready to go, from inheritance or a purchase in prior years, but even then, our team has a few tips for where to start.

Think Through What You Want

Every home is different and the land you pick will be an important part of that. We recommend thinking through an ideal day in your home when we are putting together your floorplans, the outside space should be an extension of that. Not only should you think about the size of your land or how agrarian you want it to be, but you should consider what you prefer having close by as well. Someone who wants to drink coffee while listening to birds and spotting deer from their back porch won’t want a neighborhood with hundreds of families. Conversely, someone who wants to zip into the nearest drive thru for coffee after dropping off the kids for school may not want something too far out of town.

Consider Widening Your Search

While you may come to the table with an idea of where you want to find land, you may have to widen your search depending on availability and budget. The less land that is available in an area, the higher the prices may be, unless a plot has some negatives like backing up to a major road or having an unusual shape. In our immediate area, East Bryan and South College Station are perfect places to look as more businesses, buildings, and amenities round out the region. Neighborhoods that were once considered rural are now stocked with a number of stores, restaurants, schools, and offices and will only continue to grow as the area becomes more populated.

Research and Review

Once you have a few options for where you want to build, you will want to look into the nitty gritty of where you will be located. Some areas may be less suited for certain utilities like gas for the dream range of your kitchen or consistent internet for the professor in your life. Even for neighborhoods we suggest taking a look at the HOA and governing bodies within the immediate area to see if there are any large issues that may make your dream home less than ideal.

Choosing the Actual Spot

Once you have your land, through our land acquisition services or on a property you already own, the work isn’t over. Depending on the size of the lot and the location (some HOAs have more defined rules) you will want to think about the exact spot where we will break ground. You may want to keep certain features like trees or consider the direction of the sun when choosing orientation. With a larger piece of property, you will want to also plan how to situate your driveway and any parking spots, additional buildings, and even auxiliary patio spaces.

To begin with us, by choosing a new plot of land, call our office to set up a time to meet. We can answer all of your questions and will provide a few of our own to make sure you are thinking through every important step. Our team knows the area and knows how to build, we are excited to help make your dream home a reality.





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