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Our team has been custom building homes and helping families remodel in the Brazos Valley for decades. Gerard Construction considers themselves to be more than simply a business in this area, but a part of the community, working to build homes and relationships in every project we take on. A question that has been lingering though, what makes something worth a remodel?
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Your kitchen is often a place of gathering and time with family and friends. Even for the least inclined chef amongst us, the kitchen still sees a fair amount of use for the distribution of food, preparation of snacks, and the sipping of beverages. For those with extra chopping and sauté skills, the kitchen is their hub, a place to show their abilities and try new recipes while entertaining. For all the great use a kitchen may get, it makes sense to remodel this space with Gerard Construction, b...
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When you think about it, there are a fair number of months out of the year where the Brazos Valley is able to enjoy the outdoor spaces we have for our homes. Granted, there are a few months where we retreat far inside to the air conditioning during the hottest portions of the day, but even early mornings and evenings are great times to enjoy your first cup of coffee or a grilled dinner with loved ones. Since our outdoor spaces are so usable, it makes sense to spend time on styling these spaces a...
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